Basant Utsav – 2011 

Members of all communities including Hindus & Muslims celebrate Basant Panchami under the aegis of Anjuman Sair-e-Gul Faroshan – The society which organizes Phool Waalon Ki Sair – a festival of Delhi, which promotes communal harmony. On Basant Panchami — Every one wears yellow to mark the spring, when mustard flower bloom in the fields.

On 8th Feb 2011, On the day of Basant Panchami – the festival of Spring, the members of Anjuman Sair-e-Gul Faroshan and citizens of Delhi assembled outside the historic Shri Gauri Shankar Mandir, Chandani Chowk.
At Gauri Shankar Mandir in the historic Chandani Chowk the famous bazar opposite the Red Fort.
Mrs. Usha Kumar, General Secretary , Anjuman Sair-e-Gul Faroshan speaks to some representative of TV channels.
Shri Prithvi Raj Sahni, Mayor of Delhi arrives and is adorned with garland of yellow flower. Shri Suman Gupta, the Municipal Councilor of Chandani Chowk accompanies him.
Petals of yellow flower are showered on the guests.
Petals of yellow flower are showered on the guests.
The processions assembles in Chandani Chowk with shehnai and yellow pankha. The emblem of communal harmony.
The procession to Gauri Shankar Mandir begins.
The procession with members of all communities advances towards Gauri Shankar Mandir.
The Mayor of Delhi -Shri Prithvi Raj Sahni, The Municipal Councilor from Chandani Chowk Shri Suman Gupta, members of all communities out side the Gauri Shankar Mandir ..

The Mayor of Delhi -Shri Prithvi Raj Sahni, The Municipal Councilor from Chandani Chowk Shri Suman Gupta and Smt. Usha Kumar Secretary, Anjuman Sair-e-Gul Faroshan presents a pankha at the feet of Devi Saraswati – The goddess of learning, keeping the tradition of celebration of Basant Panchami.

After the event at Gauri Shankar Mandir The members along with the citizen of Delhi proceeded to the Dargah of Nizamudin Aulia, behind the Police Station of Nizamddin.

Sehnai and nagara walas escort the member of all communities led by Shri Sultan Ahmad, Deputy Minister of Tourism, Government of India towards the Dargah in Nizamuddin.

Shri Sultan Ahmad is adorned with the turban of yellow muslin in keeping with tradition, Shri Lalit Kumar, Secretary, National Foundation for Communal harmony looks on.

The procession led by Shri Sultan Ahmad starts for the Dargah.

The procession led by Sultan Ahmad, Ruman Danial (of Dargah Nizamuddin Aulia), Mrs. Usha Kumarproceeds., Shri Sanjay Jain carries thefloral chadar in a basket.

Petals of yellow folwers are showered on the procession.

The procession passes bythe Mmazar of Mirza Ghalib near Ghalib Academy in Nizamiddin.

Shri Sanjay Jain and Shri Ruman Danial carry the floral chadar in baskets while the procession proceedes towards the Dargah.
The procession reached the Dargah Seen in the picture from Left to Right Shri Shahid Ahmad , Smt. Santosh Shekhar, Shri Yogesh Gupta, Shri Ram Avtar Gupta, Mrs. Usha Kumar, Shri Sultan Ahmad, Shri Danial Nizami, Shri Prem Rastogi and Syad Kashf Ali Nizami.
Smt. Santosh Shekhar, Mrs. Usha Kumar, Shri Yogesh Gupta, Shri Ran Avtar Gupta, Shri OP Sharma, Shri Mukesh Gupta and Shri Prem Rastogi.

Floral chadar made of yellow flower is offered atthe mazar of sufi saint Amir Khushro by members of all communities led be Shri Sultan Ahmad.

Floral chadar of yellow flower is offered at the mazarof Nizamuddin Aulia by members of all communities led by Shri Sultan Ahmad and Shri Danial Nizami.