"Phool Waalon Ki Sair is Here!" the traditional way to announce the advent of this event much awaited by Diliwalas, through the notes of shehnai and beat of drums of dhol-tashe.


At Jain Lal Mandir

Outside the Church in Chandni Chowk

In front of Naya Katra

With the backdrop of Town Hall in Chandni Chowk.

'Sair-E-Gul-Faroshan' the festival begins with presentation of a floral pankha to the Lieutenant Governor Delhi at his residence with playing of shehnai.

From Left to Right : Shri Ram Avtar Gupta, Shri Shahid Ahmad, Shri Yash Dev Gupta, Shri Sanjay Bhargawa, Shri M.M. Bakht, Shri Tejendra Khanna the Lieutenant Governor, Shrimati Usha Kumar, Shri Vinod Sharma.

The Lieutenant Governor with the citizens of Delhi on the occasion of ‘Phool Waalon Ki Sair’


"Phool Waalon Ki Sair Apko Mubarak Ho" Members of Anjuman Sair-E-Gul Faroshan with Chief Minister Shrimati Shiela Dikshit and Shri P.K. Tripathi, Chief Secretary and present a floral pankha to them.

From Left to Right : Shri Shahid Ahmad, Shri Mehraj Ahmad, Shri P.K. Tripathi , Shrimati Shiela Dikshit, Shrimati Usha Kumar, and Shri Mohammad Afzal.

Members of Anjuman Sair –E- Gul Faroshan with Shrimati Shiela Dikshit and Shri P.K. Tripathi

Historically, Phool Waalon Ki Sair used to be announced from the office of the then Deputy Commissioner (Now Divisional Commissioner) during the British Period

A floral pankha being presented to Shri Dhram Pal the Divisional Commissioner, Delhi.

Shrimati Usha Kumar narrating the history of ‘Phool Waalon Ki Sair’ on the occasion

Shri Neeraj Kumar the then Commissioner of Police meets the members of the Anjuman.

Secretary of the Anjuman Shri M.M.Bakht greets the Commissioner of Police.
Traditional Sport Kushti (Wrestling) and Kabaadi are held during Phool Waalon ki Sair to keep the tradition alive, emphasis is on encouraging youngsters to participate.

Kushti at Phool Waalon Ki Sair being in Mehrauli near Shamsi Talab.

A Close Up

Kabbaddi is played between two groups.

One of the other team is over powered.


The origin of ‘Phool Waalon Ki Sair’ is related to Dargah at Mehrauli where Begum Mumtaz Mahal made a Vow that she would offer a floral chadar if her errant son banished from Delhi is allowed to return to the city and to her. ‘Phool Waalon Ki Sair’ began when the Begum came to this shrine to fulfill her vow.

Floral Chadar and Pankha being carried in a procession at the Dargah by the Citizen of Delhi led by Shri Tejendra Khanna the Lieutenant Governor Delhi.

The Floral Chaadar being offered by citizens of Delhi led by the lieutenant governor Shri Tejendra Khanna, at the sufi saint khwaja Qutabuddin Bakhtiar ‘Kaaki’ in Mehrauli

Cultural programme at the Dargah

From Left to Right Shri Yogesh Gupta, Shri M.M. Bakht, the Lieutenant Governor Shri Tejendra Khanna, Shrimati Usha Kumar, Shrimati Guneet Kumar, Shri Tarun Kumar, and Syyed Fakhruddin watching the programme.


This temple is believed to have come up around the Sheesh (head) of the daughter of Nand Ji who was exchanged for Shri Krishna to save him from Kans who killed all the children born to his sister Devki in prison, Kans threw the newborn against a rock where she split into three parts, the head fell into the hills of Mehrauli where this temple came up, feet fell in Vindhyachal near Mirzapur there also a temple came up and torso turned into lighting.

Citizen of Delhi led by Shrimati Mohsina Kidwai M.P. and Shri Safdar H. Khan Chairman Minorities Commission carry floral chhatras and pankhaas in the temple to be offered to the Diety Yogmaya, during Phool Waalon Ki Sair.

In the temple offering the chhatras.

Coming out of the temple after receiving the Prasad of Devi.

Cultural programme at the temple.



Jahaz Mahal decorated with Flower for the festival

Flowers being offered in remembrance of Shri Yogeshwar Dayal.

Floral Pankha sent by the President of India to the festival.

Yusuf Mallik

Geeta Singh Chishti

Sh. Meraj Warsi & Sh Riyaz Warsi

Cultural programme presented by Sahitya Kala Parishad

State cultural troupes from States of India

Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh





Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu

Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh






Qawwaali at Phool Waalon Ki Sair

Ms. Geeta Singh Chishti

Warsi Brothers

Yusuf Malik

Gathering during Qawwaali session in Phool Waalin Ki Sair.

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